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Replacing Fuser Assembly For HP LaserJet P2055 - Part 2: Reassemble The Fuser Unit

fuser assembly,fuser unitPrevious part we talked about disassemble the fuser unit on the HP LaserJet P2005, this time I'd like to show you how to reassemble this component. As I showed you last time, there're so many screws need to remove before you can access the fuser assembly, and inversely we need to fix them one by one on the machine after replacement, so that will take you some time to do finish.

On the side of the fuser assembly, there're some driving gears that we need to pay attention of, some cutouts on it have to be in right position when slide back into its socket. Let's go ahead to reinstall the repaired or new fuser unit, don't forget to fix the screws, we got two on the left side, one at the top left and then there's one down at the bottom, and then put the metal plate on and make sure it can be fit to the left and right sides, fix it with the screws then, okay at this point in time what we can do is plug in all the wires, just don't forget to retrack the wiring harnesses back through their little holders... all the details are finished, we'll put all the cover plates back on, and then turn on the power do a print test.
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