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Process Of Applying Grease in Fuser Film Sleeves

Fuser grease is made of silicone oil for lubrication, and it also has excellent performance at thermal conductivity to assist fuser film sleeve to conduct the fusing process. Just like other laser printer parts, we need to replace the grease with use and time, proper operation is very important to be careful when installing, otherwise your fuser film sleeve will be damaged and scrapped totally. Hope the following instruction can be of help to you.

Step 1. Detach the fuser unit and remove the used fuser film.
Step 2. Use alcohol to clean the surface of heating element.
Step 3. Use soft spatula to scoop up grease from the container, total applying amount is around 1 gram.
Step 4. Place the spatula at an angle on the surface, and wipe evenly the grease over the surface of heating element with forward and backward movement.
Step 5. Put the heating element into the fuser film sleeve, and the end of the film with ground ring should be in good contact with the surface of lower pressure roller or the conductive brush after installation.
Step 6. Turn the film sleeve by hands and feel if the turning is smooth.
Step 7. If everything is okay, re-install the fuser unit and make a test.
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