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How To Purchase Printer Maintenance Kits

When you notice the message "perform printer maintenance" on your printer screen, that's the information to inform you to replace the maintenance kit, some parts of your printer is worn and impact the print quality after it was in use for a certain time, maintenance kit is a set of consumable parts for replacement that includes fuser unit, transfer roller, pickup rollers, separation pad and so on.

When purchase printer maintenance kit, we need to take some things into consideration.

1. Be sure that the model number of maintenance kit you want to buy is same as the model of your machine, additionally, make sure the kit includes all the parts your printer will need.

2. As all the parts in the maintenance kit mentioned above can not be used forever, that is to said that we would finally have to replace them all in the future, maintenance kits are supplied to save money and time for the users, it will be less cost to buy the set than to buy each single part separately.

3. Be clear which parts are worn or torn, the fuser unit, transfer roller, pickup rollers & separation pad in the kit are usually prone to wear, but we don't need to replace all of them as some parts are still in well working condition, so put aside the parts unnecessary unit the old one wear.

4. Original and compatible maintenance kits are available on the market, you can select them according to your circumstance, compatible kit is absolutely cheaper than original one, but some compatible manufacturers can serve their products with same quality.

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