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How To Judge The Problems With Your Copier Or Printer Transfer Roller

Transfer roller is a very important part on copiers or laser printers, it’s responsible to pull the toner from the toner to the paper, poor print quality may be caused by improper working of transfer roller, the symptoms include paper jamming, streaking, noise and odor emission. If you notice the symptoms below, just try to recover the good quality same as before.

Paper Jamming
With time and use, the transfer roller on the copier or laser printer may be in incorrect position, try to remove it and replace it back to adjust correctly to ensure the paper can go trough the transfer roller normally again. If this can’t solve the problem, you probably need to replace a new roller.

Paper With Streaking
After the printer working for some time, the printout paper may come out with streaking and black spot, it is possible that the roller is not clean and comes with residual toner, use a dry cloth to wipe it gently and don’t use liquid and chemical material to clean the dirt, because these material can damage the surface of the component.

With long time use, the clips at two ends are worn and broken to cause the transfer roller to be fixed improperly, so the roller probably has rolling fiction with other components, to avoid further damage, remove the transfer roller from the printer, and replace it back correctly to the slot, and use new clips to lock it, if there is any damage or distortion on the roller, the transfer roller need to be replaced by a new one.

Odor Emission
The reasons mentioned above probably cause that the transfer roller don’t interact with other components, this is why you can smell some strange odor from the printer, so stop the print work as soon as you notice this issue, and clean the roller and reposition it. If the issue can not be solved after print some test files, you need to replace it by a new one.
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