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How do you deal with fuser roller sticky powder?

Fuser Roller is one of a system of rollers inside a laser printer. The fuser roller heats the page after the toner is applied, so the toner partially melts and sticks to the page for a permanent bond.
The fixing heating roller may stick to a layer of toner after long-term use. Generally speaking, the surface of the heating roller should be very clean. If there is dirt, it will affect the printing effect.
If the printed sample appears black block, black bars, and will stick with the graphic toner elsewhere , which means that this hot roller surface has been injury , if slightly, can be used after cleaning (but not for sulphuric acid paper), If serious, then only replace the heating roller
The rubber roller matched with the heating roller will be stuck with waste powder when long time use, and it will not affect the output effect when it is too slight, but if serious, will make the output sample dirty back. Clean the heating roller and rubber roller, you can use skim cotton dipped in anhydrous alcohol, carefully wipe it clean.
But don't wipe the heating roller too hard, avoid using razor blades and shaving tools,in order to avoid damaging the fixing heating roller. The rubber roller can be cleaned easily, just wipe its surface clean.
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